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      2016-05-27 14:25:35
      Section 1
      旧题 0811213
      场景 旅游场景-预定酒店
      题型 填空10
      1. when will the room be available: from the July
      2. price in the peak season: 77.5 high season
      3. book in advance in at least 1 month discount can be ahead of time
      4. package price included meal like breakfast
      5. what need to bring: a towel
      6. reading information can be available in the lounge for booklet
      7. hotel facilities available: game room
      8. hotel has free internet access service
      9. special activities on the beach, like to collect shells
      10. what equipment can be hired there: a bike/bicycles.
      解析: 本次S1内容涉及的旅游场景,对应的考点是比较常见的时间、日期、数字、旅游费用内包含的项目。其中第八题题干中出现access这个单词,很容易就能判断应该和网络、电视或者电话类相关。
      Section 2
      旧题 0811210
      场景 体育馆十周年庆典活动
      题型 单选 6,配对 4
      11. what the main purpose of this promotional campaign? for anniversary
      12. who are invited? journalists
      14. C. adding business of selling equipment
      15. A. join the committee
      16. mother with children
      17. beneficial for young people
      18. one-on-one coach
      19. the biggest of the country
      20. features on TV drama
      Section 3
      新旧情况 0811138
      场景 学生讨论-能源利用
      题型 表格3,单选 7
      21. In different weather conditions, to reduce the emission of toxic gas
      22. electricity is the power
      23. as less likely to explode
      24. A. staffs on campus
      25. C. local residence
      26. most people know little about renewable energy
      27. should carefully choosing location
      28. a few people think they are unsafe
      29. possible future of traditional resource how to prevent pollution from traditional resource
      30. New energy resource of Hydrogen.
      Section 4
      旧题 0812401
      场景 讲座-海洋渔业
      题型 填空10
      31. worry about the genetically modified fish to escape
      32. breed special fish such as tuna
      33. structure is not only Eco-friendly but also strong
      34. seaweeds can be made to be cosmetics
      35. government should develop special one for agriculture and shipping
      36. lack of land on the coast
      37. to save the local fishing business
      38. to protect it from destroying by a storm
      39. lack of young fish
      40. fish is a main source of seafood and produces food for hospitality industry

      科目 雅思口语
      考试日期 2016.5.19
      hometown, museum, history, countryside, work or study, snacks, teacher, reading books, color, hurry time, house or apartment, stay up late, music concert, handwriting, subject, teamwork, travel, swimming, keep healthy, vegetables and fruits
      Part 2 &3
      Part 2问一次因为天气而放弃做的事情; Part 3你们家乡的天气怎么样;不同的天气人们喜欢做那些运动,天气对那些人的工作很重要。
      Part 2是尊敬的老人; Part 3围绕老人问一堆
      Part 2 an angry situation; Part 3 你们城市的人如何表达情绪,在公共场所表达愤怒对吗, 表达情绪在外面和在家人之间有什么不同
      Part 2 sport you first try; Part 3 关于sport的一堆问题
      Part 2 忘记做的一件事; Part 3 经常忘记做事么,在家经常忘记做什么事,什么情况会忘记 why,如果boy&girl第二次见面忘记对方名字怎么办, boy忘记girl的名字严重还是girl忘记boy名字严重 why
      Part 2 mistake,Part 3 孩子们在学校犯的错
      Part 2 best friend; part 3 relationship,diffierent between girl fridents and boy friends,do what with your girl friends,家人和朋友哪个更重要 why?如何让未来的丈夫和家人更好的融入,还有一些关于朋友和家人的问题
      Part 2别人送的衣服,样式,别人为什么送;Part 3:关于衣服的各种话题,uniform ,学生喜欢穿嘛?为什么?家长的态度,穿制服有什么必要吗?中国传统服装,为什么没有什么人穿,你喜欢旗袍嘛?
      part 2: personality; Part 3:人们是不是爱和性格相似的人交朋友,成功的人是不是都快乐,中国人典型的品质
      Describe a situation that made you angry
      You should say:  
      when it happened 
      wjhere it happened
      what happened  
      and explain how you felt about this situation
      A recent situation that made me angry was getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to meet some friends. It was last Sunday lunchtime, and I didn’t expect there to be much traffic; people don’t work on Sundays, so the roads aren’t usually very busy.
      Everything was going well until suddenly I saw a queue of cars on the road in front of me. I had no choice but to join the queue and wait to get past whatever was causing the delay. It turned out that it was caused by some roadworks, and it took me an extra 30 minutes to get past them.
      Getting stuck in traffic congestion doesn’t usually make me angry, but this time it did, mainly because I wasn’t expecting it and I knew that my friends were waiting to meet me for lunch. I felt frustrated and powerless because there was nothing I could do to change the situation, and I had no idea how long I would be sitting there waiting. When I finally saw the reason for the congestion, I was relieved that I was close to getting past the roadworks, but I still felt a bit stressed knowing that I was half an hour late.

      科目 阅读
      考试日期 2016年5月19日

      本次考试出现了两篇人物传记类文章,该类文章一般按照时间顺序,根据人物贡献和生平事迹定位和理解文章,相关文章参考:剑九P17 willam henry perkin 剑九P87the life and work of marie curie。Passage 2 为环境类??蓟疤?,文章参考C5T1P3 the truth about environment ,C5T3P2 the disappearing delta,C5T4P1 the impact of wilderness tourism, C6T1P3 climate change and the Inuit , C8T2P2 The little ice age,该类文章需要多积累这类专业词汇并且关注此方面课外常识。

      科目 写作
      考试日期 2016.5.19
      A 类小作文
      题目:reduce global warming

      A 类大作文
      In many countries women are able to join the armed forces now on the equal basis of men. However, some people think only men should be members of the army, navy and Air Force. Do you agree or disagree?
      题型类别: 同意与否类
      题材类别: 社会类
      It is widely acknowledged in many nations that both men and women should undertake the obligation to join the military forces to serve their country. There are some people, nevertheless, hold the contradictory and biased viewpoint. As far as I am concerned, I am firmly for the former.
      Understandably, it is universally recognized as the mainstream that males serve as the pillar candidates in the military because of their preferable muscularity and strength compared with females. More specifically, there is a large amount of violence and fighting involved in servicemen’s routine, which inevitably needs physically tough and mighty soldiers. Moreover, when facing dilemmas, male soldiers usually can be more composed and determined rather than be as panicked and hesitant as women, because they are bold and well-equipped.
      On the other hand, undeniably, modern war is largely associated with sophisticated technology and weapons. By that I mean physical power is no longer the indispensable or dominant factor. As long as they grasp a good knowledge of operating the military weapons, they can be soldiers in the armed forces regardless of their gender. Furthermore, the softness and thoughtfulness of women can compensate for their counterparts’ inadequacy. For example, females can be military doctors or nurses to attend the injured, which also plays a significant role in the forces. And when confronted with complicated situations, women can be more thoughtful than men to assist in coming up with comprehensive tactics.
      Therefore, I maintain that men can be fighters in the army, navy and air force, and so can women, because women are supposed to be more considerate and mild in spite of their lack of strength.

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